Wednesday, July 30, 2008

United Airlines

I apologize if this recent blog seems just like so much complaining. I guess I'm just getting old and cranky. But, I simply have no tolerance for terrible customer service (or big crowds, but that's a whole 'nuther topic) and, as I very infrequently add my personal opinions to the website, the blog is my outlet.

So, I stayed home all day waiting on our lost bags to be delivered -- no delivery, no phone call, no email, no nothing. I'll give them a call in the morning, but have already started inventorying what's in my bag for the claim that I feel sure we'll have to end up making. In the meantime, I also find out that our United delay on our outbound trip was very likely due to pilots calling in sick. (see news article) This is a Union tactic which is opposed to a pilot cutback which was announced last month. Ok, Mr. Union Tactics Manager, how's this working for you? The airline is already suffering financial difficulties, so let's force the airline to file a lawsuit to stop sick-leave abuse (costing yet more money), and piss of 36,000 travelers. I've a feeling that I'm not the only one of those 36,000 that have found my recent travel experience to be the last straw and refuse to ever fly United Airlines again. So, in the end, United has to rebook customers on other airlines, losing the revenue, and ultimately thousands of customers, so that they are forced to cut back more flights, more pilots, etc, etc, etc. Make sense? Maybe United's baggage handlers also all called in sick yesterday.

I'll probably get blasted for this, but I don't think there is a place for Unions anymore. Absolutely, I understand the need for unions when they were first formed, as employer's took advantage of employees and treated them badly. But, today? There are so many laws to protect employess from legitamate issues -- ranging from safety to discrimination, what is the purpose? If a company has financial difficulties, the bottom line is they often can't afford to keep everyone on board. I know from personal experience, that management is often the problem, and that tends to trickle down to the employees, which ultimately affects the customer in the form of poor attitudes and effectiveness. But, unions also protect employees that should have been gotten rid of years ago because of that very same poor attitude or performance.

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