Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Published a Book????????????

So, another one of my fascinating adventures. Though, this one is behind my desk. More than 18 months ago, this dude contacted me about using my saloons articles and requesting that I write captions for a "coffee table" type saloon book. Sounds interesting so I said "sure." Especially when he told me that I would be listed as the author of the book. His pictures, my writing, no publication hassles. He takes care of all of that. I just get a flat fee. Ok, this sounds real doable. Well, the captions and updates to the article were done in days and I send them off.

Then I wait......... and wait........... and wait........... Took forever to finally get paid and I'm also supposed to receive free copies of the book and publisher name so that I can order at discount. Had a heck of time getting a publisher's name out of this dude -- never did, as a matter of fact. I figured, he did the book on "spec" and didn't have a publisher. Finally, I just gave up. Hey, the money's finally in the bank. I never heard another word about the publisher, free books, discount books, etc.

That is until hubby Dave is perusing the webwide world for name and viola! - finds the book at a museum site in South Dakota. A little follow up finds the publisher and the book listed a few more places. This is nine months after it was published!!!

Anyway, I've finally got the book and you can see it HERE!

Moral - No more business with Ray Bonds of Compendium Publishing in the U.K.