Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A little help here...

Ya'll have all, no doubt, heard me carry on about my husband Dave now and then -- travel partner, bill payer, cook, bottle washer and all around good sport. He has a "real job" while I sit around in my "work clothes" (jammies) all day in my "corporate office" (spare bedroom) slaving away (loving my life) on Legends of America. While his "real job" won't allow him to get overly involved in the website, partly from time constraints and partly to avoid any conflicts of interest, you can bet that I lean heavily on him when anything electronic, electrical, or technical in any aspect, goes awry.

Honeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy, my computer keeps shutting down on its own, my highspeed internet connection is too slow today, the lightbulb in my office is burned out, can you back up my website????? Waa, waa, waa. And there he is stepping up to the plate. But with everything else he's got going on, he's waded in some more. He's now taking on all of the shipping aspects of our on-line products at the Rocky Mountain General Store - gets up two hours early every morning and as I sit sipping coffee and taking virtual adventures into the Wild West, I hear him in there struggling with paper, boxes, and strapping tape. Whew, what a big relief for me. I'm just doin' what I love - writing, messin' with pictures, or planning out my next big escape.

Now, he's jumped in once again - started his own blog. Calls it LegendsofAmericaTech -- very appropriate, and the boy has some writin' skills, albeit I'm not absolutely sure I like him tellin' all those "secrets" about me. His idea is to give y'all a "behind the scenes" look at how this large website gets put together and maintained on a day-to-day basis. One more thing for you to peruse.

And, stay tuned. Now that I see just exactly how good his writing skills are, you can bet I've drafted him to take on a little more. He's got an interest in the early 20th century - the Prohibition era, the mobsters, the roaring 20's. It will all be comin' soon!