Friday, August 15, 2014

Legends' Heads North

We're heading north this weekend on another long adventure in history! For those of you who have followed our travels before, you know that all plans are "loose" until we get there.  We tend to wander, and get distracted sometimes by bright shiny objects (mainly Ghost Towns and the occasional unexpected grave yard).  So this map is our "current" primary route.  We will stop at some points along the route and do what we call "hub and spoke", where we will explore out around us by 100-200 miles for several days then move on to the next RV park and repeat the process.

Here's our current plan for the first part of our journey

Here's the second half back home

We plan to spend some quality time in central Iowa over the next week and hope you will follow along our travels here and on our Photo Blog

Kathy and Dave, Legends of America

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