Thursday, April 19, 2007

Headed to Tombstone

I've been trying, planning, scheming, and begging a couple of different friends to take a leisurely little trip from Kansas City to Tombstone, Arizona by way of Route 66. I've never been to Tombstone! It feels as if my knowledge base has a cavernous void and I just can't say I'm a Wild West enthusiast, much less an "expert," if I've never walked those same dusty streets as did the Earps, Doc Holliday, and the Clanton Gang. This idea to go to Tombstone pretty much germinated with the first snow. What a fantasy - southern Arizona in the winter. Hiking sleeveless, knowing my family is back in Kansas bundled in hats, coats, and mittens. I would have felt pity for them, of course. But plead, wheedle, beg and scheme as I might, I couldn't get anyone to go! Darn their "real" jobs, darn their family obligations, darn their own businesses. What do you mean, you can't take two weeks off to travel a little ole' 3,000+ mile trip? Alas, this self-employed girl who's job IS to travel, just didn't want to make that long trip by myself. So, I pouted as I watched the snow fall and the streets ice over through the window in my little office. I MUST somehow figure out how to get to Tombstone! Well, it's not going to happen in the middle of winter and it's not going to happen the way I planned it, but I'm going!

Husband Dave is at a convention in Las Vegas this week. He has one of those "real" jobs, you know. Hmmm .... that's kind of close ... not too far ... around the corner from Tombstone, huh? Well, ok, my mind works in mysterious ways. Ok Dave, you go to Las Vegas and do your "conventioning." A couple of days later, I'll fly into Phoenix and do a few of days touring on my own. While I'm in the area, I just gotta run up to Sedona, Jerome, and Prescott. That neighborhood must have about a bajillion ghost towns, not to mention a couple of ancient Indian ruins.

Then, Dave, you just take a puddle jumper down to Phoenix and join me, ok? Then, we'll go to Tombstone! Plus, we'll see a whole bunch more ghost towns and other interesting nooks and crannies along the way. We'll make a circle trip from Phoenix to Tucson, and Tombstone, then a little side jaunt across the border into New Mexico for a couple of great ghost towns - Steins and Shakespeare, then mosy back northeast through Fort Bowie and Globe, before hopping a plane back to Kansas City. How does that sound, Dave? Ok! We're on our way and I can't wait. Stay tuned as I keep you updated during my week in Arizona.


Vincent Clark said...

I have visited part of the journey you want to take to Tombstone. Route 66 is just a shortcut from Kansas City. If you want to follow the Santa Fe Trail, take I 35 South. It will take you to Emporia, get off there and take the back roads through Chase County, visit Council Grove and ???? Springs. There are still signs of the old wagon trail in that area. I will look for some photos and send you the link. Pops Pictures Read William Least Heat Moon's book Praire Earth. There are many legends right at your back door. My mother and sister live in Lawrence.

Nancy said...

Actually the Santa Fe Trail doesn't go through Emporia. It goes through Johnson Co including Lenexa and Gardner, etc. Check out the route here