Monday, November 05, 2012

Jim Hinckley Contributes to Legends

Author Jim Hinckley
Legends Of America is proud to announce that award winning author Jim Hinckley is now an official contributor to our website.  Many are already familiar with Jim's fantastic works, including books on Route 66 and Ghost Towns. Jim is also known in the auto world as a former Associate Editor of Cars and Parts Magazine, where he contributed a monthly column profiling the independent thinkers of the American Auto industry.

His love of history, especially that of Route 66 and the American Southwest, shine bright through his photography and his writings.  Jim says "After years of having friends and associates tell me that I was blessed with a gift for telling folks where to go, and with support from my loving wife, I began writing about my passion for lost highways, the road less traveled, the special places found along the way, and the vintage vehicles that once traveled them."   Eight books have resulted from that passion to date, along with more than a thousand feature articles for a wide array of publications including Old Cars Weekly, Classic Auto Restorer, American Road and others.  Jim was also featured in an interview with Jay Leno on Jay Leno's Garage.

In 2010, Jim was one of several Co-Authors, including Legend's founder Kathy Wesier-Alexander, for the book "Greetings From Route 66".  It was during this project we became more familiar with Hinckley's work and began following his adventures.  After several attempts to connect, always interrupted by life on our end, we finally had the chance to sit down with Jim at last months Cuba Missouri Route 66 Festival. Our partnership formed quickly over some bacon, biscuits and gravy.  And who doesn't like bacon?  It was enough for us to know it would be a productive agreement.  Jim blogged "To say I am excited about being a contributor for this website would be a gross understatement as it has been a favorite of mine for years." 

We look forward to bringing you Jim's passion on a regular basis, including two new stories already published.  "Two Heads are Better Than One"  is the story of brothers F.O. and F.E. Stanley, legendary automobile pioneers who transformed the world with their genius.  And "Frontier Era Time Capsule", a look at the Johnson Canyon rail tunnel, an Arizona forgotten time capsule of large importance in American rail westward expansion.

Jim currently writes a blog "Route 66 Chronicles", about the life of a starving artist on Route 66, and says "It is my sincere hope that you find my books and articles an inspiration for over coming obstacles, discovering the joy that comes from seeking the road less traveled, and are inspired to make a road trip or two."

You can read more about Jim on his Legends Bio Page, which also has links to his various books and of course, articles on Legends Of America.

Please help us welcome Jim Hinckley to Legends Of America!