Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casting Call for Historic Building

Legends Of America has once again been contacted by a television production company for help with a project, and this time the Casting Call is for a building.. Not just any building though, one that is historic, has a fascinating history, is abandoned, and still has some of it's original artifacts.

Here is the request from Pictureshack Entertainment.  Please help them by submitting your suggestions soon!

Do you know of a vacant building near you that has a fascinating history? Pictureshack Entertainment has a great new show on a major cable network, and we're looking for abandoned locations! Ideally, these buildings are time capsules full of the artifacts that tell the story of the people who lived, worked, and played there. We are working with an extremely talented salvager who will lead the audience through these buildings, in search of items to purchase so the location owner must be willing to negotiate a fair price to sell some of the items inside. Is an ideal location popping to mind? Email us with all pertinent details (pictures would be great!) at

Any help you can provide Pictureshack Entertainment is greatly appreciated, and please tell them Legends Of America sent ya!  If you prefer not to contact the production company direct, please don't hesitate to send your suggestions to Dave Alexander or Kathy Weiser Alexander at Legends Of America (Contact).