Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Beginning of the End of Our West Texas Adventure - Del Rio to San Antonio

With Waylon and Willie and the Boys
After several weeks exploring West Texas from our temporary home in Del Rio, we packed up the dog and decided to start making our way back home.  We knew that this would be a long journey back to Missouri, as we still had a lot to see, including one of our premiere destinations, San Antonio.  So Tuesday morning we headed north out of Del Rio on highway 277 up to Sonora, and made a roundabout trip over towards Fredericksburg.  This was a day full of views and history, including Roosevelt, Junction, the ever beautiful and fantastic Fredericksburg, and the little old town of Luckenbach. Read about these places and more by following us through photos in our Facebook Album here.

We'll blog a lot more about San Antonio next, as we continue our journey home to Warsaw, Mo.

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