Monday, June 27, 2005

Hitting The Road

Yup, I finally decided to do a blog! Why? So, you can keep up with where I am on the road, what's new at Legends of America, the chance for you to get to know me better, and most importantly, allow you the opportunity to make comments, add your own ideas and views, and tell us about your travel adventures.

So, look for me on the highway, as I keep you updated on my travels across the West.

On the weblog, I will post short snippets of news of travel destinations, ghosts that I bump into in my travels, treasure tales that I dig up in my journey, links to other great websites of interest, new products at the Rocky Mountain General Store, and anything else that is of interest you.

And, the weblog is interactive!! Here, you can post your thoughts on travel destinations, ghosts, treasures, "beefs," accolades, or any other little thing that comes to mind. Grab your pony and head on down the dusty trail with Legends of America!

Happy Travels!!


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