Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Treasure Hunter Casting Call - Host Wanted for Documentary Series

Every once in a while Kathy and I are contacted by production companies for guidance.  Today it is a production company in Australia looking for someone in the USA to Host a documentary series.  Here's the email in it's entirety.  If you know someone let them know Legends Of America sent ya!

Good Day Kathy & Dave,

My name is Serita Wesley and I am a Development Casting Director with Prospero Productions (www.prosperoproductions.com.au), a television production company out of Australia. We are currently developing an exciting new documentary series based around the worlds of Treasure Hunting, Battlefield Detecting, Aviation Archaeology, Warbird Restoration, Wreck Diving, Battlefield Archaeology, etc.  Unfortunately, we have yet to find a charismatic and knowledgeable host for this series.

I stumbled upon your website while doing research online and wondered if either or you might be interested in the opportunity or know anyone who might be a great fit.  Ideally we would like to find someone who is youthful, incredibly passionate about any of the subjects previously listed, has a wealth of knowledge (its not required to be an expert on all of the sub-categories listed above), someone with a very outgoing personality that viewers would find easy to watch and trustworthy.   
We are looking for individuals in the USA.  I have pasted below the casting notice for this particular search.  Our deadline is fast approaching; therefore, I would love to speak with you and give you more information on the series.

If you or someone that you know of fits this description please contact me, Serita Wesley (Casting Director) at SWesleyCasting@gmail.com

NOTE: Please feel free to pass this note and the casting notice along to any groups, clubs or forums that you might belong to pertaining to the topics.
Thank you so much for your time, and please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Serita Wesley


*Are you or someone you know a true to life TREASURE HUNTER?
*Do you travel the country or the world combing historic battlefields?
*Do you scour the fields looking to collect a piece of history?
*Do you search local parks and beaches for treasure?
*Do you dig at battle sights and wreckage sights in search of historic relics?

Prospero Productions, a television production company in Australia, is seeking charismatic, knowledgeable & fearless Metal DetectorsBattlefield DetectorsWreck DiversWar-bird Restorers, etc. all over the United States and Canada.  

We are looking for people who have fun personalities, a zest for life and who love to learn and explore.

If this sounds like you or someone you know send us an email to SWesleyCasting@gmail.com, with the following information…

- Name
- Age
- Location
- Contact Information
- TWO photos of yourself & your finds
- A summary of where treasure hunt, how you are “known” in the treasure hunting/historical excavation world.