Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Bodie and Through Yosemite

Sunday, July 26, 2009 - Mammoth Lake, Bodie, Yosemite, California

We'll we can't stand it - just have to go back to Bodie. Afterall, it was one of the main reasons I wanted to come to this area. And, so glad we backtracked. This place is probably one of the best, biggest, and most preserved ghost towns in the American West. Bodie got its start man named William S. Bodey, discovered gold near a place that is now called Bodie Bluff in 1859. Alas, the poor man died in a snow storm that very winter and never saw the new town that would be named after him. In 1861 the Bunker Hill Mine was established but Bodie grew slowly and remained an insignificant mining camp for 17 years. The mine changed hands several times during the years before being sold to four partners in 1877. The name was changed to the Standard Mining Company and within months the partners discovered a significant vein of rich gold ore. Profits rose dramatically and by the end of 1878 Bodie's population had soared to some 5,000 people. The Standard Mine would yield nearly 15 million dollars in gold over the next 25 years. Today, Bodie not only preserves about 200 historic structures, but several legends abound that it is haunted.

Ok, now we're on our way to Yosemite National Park. As expected, we run into some large crowds in the park, but still get the opportunity to take bunches of great photographs. The almost 1,200 square mile park is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, and Giant Sequoia groves. While there, we get a view of "Half Dome," "El Capitan," a couple of water falls, and some super crazy climbers who make us dizzy just watching them.

Lots of pics before traveling on bunchs of winding roads, through a couple of small mining camps and on to Sonora, California, known as the “Queen of the Southern Mines.” Here, we find a small Mom & Pop Motel -- not fancy, but clean. Settle down in some lawnchairs in front of our rooms, drink a few brewskies, order a pizza, a relax for a while, before we start all over again tomorrow.

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