Friday, December 02, 2005

Vintage Photographs of the Old West

Vintage Photographs of the Old West - I get bunches of emails and guestbook comments about the many vintage photographs on Legends of America. Now, our many guests can order prints of these old pictures at a very reasonable cost.

If you just can't get enough of the American West and are looking to decorate a room, a "saloon," or add that frontier touch to any place in your home or office, you can now get prints of historic photographs at very reasonable prices through Legends of America's online Old West Print Room. From notorious outlaws, to Indian Chiefs, buffalo roaming the range, and pioneers on the trail, this varied collection grows daily.

See all the categories:

Native Americans - Includes Chiefs and Heroes of the American West as well as scenes of Indian Life during the days of the Old West.

Outlaws, Gunfighters, and Lawmen - Heroes, Bandits and other colorful figures of the American West.

Scenes of the Old West - Cowboys, pioneers, traders, and trails

Towns and Cities of the Old West - City and street views of historic towns

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