Sunday, October 02, 2005

Returning from Springfield, Illinois

Sitting in a hotel room resting after having spent the day at the Springfield, Illinois Route 66 festival and car show. My first trip to this annual event, it appears the focus is more on the car show than Route 66. Although they had some great bands, beautiful cars, and lots of friendly people, I was disappointed that it wasn't very "Route 66" focused. The Illinois associations were there but no one else. Very few Route 66 vendors. I know I was comparing to the Tulsa festival last summer, which led to my disappointment. I also know that there was a huge festival in San Bernardino just a few weeks ago that kept alot of people from attending Springfield. I'm just wondering if this was a "fluke" year at Springfield, or it's generally always that way.

Don't get me wrong, I still had a great time and met alot of wonderful people! And, along the way, I got some great photographs of Illinois and visited one of Illinois' most haunted cities - Alton. Stay tuned for that story!


Tracy L. Teeter said...

Kathy, I'm still amazed at the job you're doing! I admire your focus and determination, and know that you also are having a great time. Isn't that what life is about? Enjoy! Tracy L. Teeter, Ulysses, KS

Anonymous said...

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Dick said...

I'm looking for a letter (2 pgs.) that Big Nose Kate wrote to my cousin in 1881 about the gun fight (OK). My father had it, (he died 15 yrs. ago)but sold it apx 16 yrs. ago to somebody in the San Diego area. I'm looking to bring it back into our family again. I understand that the person he sold it to has a upstairs swinging door room that he has made in to a museum. Any knowlede of this???.
Dick Bruckmann