Monday, July 30, 2012

History Speaks for Itself : Political Ad Ban

Late last week we received an email from a reader in New Mexico complimenting us on our website, but saying that they would not be returning. They wrote "You have a good site. I was very sorry to see that you made it political..."  Political?  I scratched my head at first, until they pointed out what they referred to as 'a link' on some of our pages bashing the President of the United States.  

Turns out the 'link' was an advertisement.  We participate in Google Adsense, which is one way for us to support our travels and writing.  We provide the ad space and Google sells the Ads.  It's a wonderful program and we value each and every advertiser that appears on our site.  However, as the US Elections near, the political advertising from both sides of the isle are increasing, as I'm sure you've noticed. 

As our former reader pointed out, "our country needs less polarization".  We agree. Therefore, moving forward, we have made a decision to 'ban' political advertising on Legends Of America.  

Kathy and I of course have our own views, but we do our best not to use Legends Of America as a political platform for or against any current topic or candidate.  That's one thing great about the past... History speaks for itself.  While this ban effects our bottom line in an already tight economy,  we want all our readers, regardless of their political leanings, or lack there of, to enjoy our stories on American history, legends and lore without the rhetoric of today's politics.

Dave Alexander

Ps. For those of you who are searching for information on today's political topics, and have found it hard to find a resource that is non-biased and presents actual "facts" with the original source to back them up, I would like to recommend a new website called "Face The Facts USA".  A project of George Washington University, they just launched today, and are presenting a fact a day, every day until the election, so that American Citizens can cut through the slanted presentation from candidates and agenda driven Media from both sides of the Isle.  We expect Face the Facts USA to hold true to their purpose, as real facts and history are one in the same..They speak for themselves.